Memorial service

About the memorial service

feeling of respect for the dead

‘Connecting with loved ones beyond life and death.’

The more important you are to someone, the greater the sadness you feel when they die. However, death is not the end of the relationship with the deceased. There are many cases where people continue to encourage and support those left behind even after they have passed away. When we join hands together and think of the deceased, when the thoughts and wishes of the deceased continue to live on with those left behind, even after death, we are able to move beyond life and death in the hearts of those left behind. I feel that I am still alive.
Through the act of memorial service, we will help you maintain a connection with your loved one that transcends life and death.


‘To remember the deceased forever.’

As time passes, humans forget everything. Sometimes we even forget the existence of our loved ones and the great kindness we have received. It is extremely lonely to forget someone and lose the presence of someone important to you and the kindness they have given you.
By making it a habit to join hands with the deceased on the day of their death, you will never forget them and they will remain in your hearts. Therefore, if possible, we should celebrate the anniversary of the deceased every month. We recommend that you visit the donor’s home and hold a memorial service together with the donor. We are currently visiting neighboring municipalities, mainly Otaru City, but we will do our best to visit you even if you are far away.

Buddhist memorial service

‘On the special day of the deceased’.

Memorial services are those of us living today who accumulate the merits of Zengen (good deeds) by offering offerings and flowers to Buddha or the deceased, chanting sutras, and burning incense. By transferring (transferring, saving) that merit, we pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased, and at the same time, we hope that all people, including ourselves, will achieve Buddhism.
After a certain period of time has passed after a person’s death, annual anniversaries such as the first, third, and seventh anniversaries arrive. However, each day is a special day that only happens once for the deceased. On that special day, it is very important for people who are closely related to the deceased to gather together for the sake of the deceased, to reflect on the merits of the deceased, and to pray for the soul of the deceased.
If you would like to hold a memorial service, you will need to discuss the date and time with the temple, so please contact us in advance. When holding a memorial service at Tokugen-ji Temple, it is also possible to hold a memorial service for the deceased in the presence of the principal image in the main hall, in addition to the memorial service room.

funeral service

‘Sincerely for the last time with your loved ones.’

The funeral is an important occasion for the deceased’s family, relatives, friends and others who had a connection with the deceased to reflect on the days spent with the deceased, to express their gratitude to the deceased and to say a final farewell to the deceased, as well as a ceremony of departure to take a new step forward as a disciple of Lord Buddha.
 Farewells to loved ones can come suddenly.
If this should happen, we will send the deceased away with all our hearts in accordance with the funeral rites of the Soto sect. In particular, we would like to send a memorial name to the deceased that will be cherished for many years to come as one of the names of the deceased. We can visit funerals in Hokkaido outside Otaru City and even outside Hokkaido in some cases and send the Buddhist memorial service, so if you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help.
 Some people also have concerns about funerals, such as ‘I don’t want my children to be inconvenienced at my funeral’ or ‘I want to talk to you about funerals and get some peace of mind’. Please feel free to contact us if you are a parishioner or even if you have no connection with a particular temple, as we may be able to help you explore the best options.

annual Buddhist memorial service

‘The long-standing tradition of gyomochi’.

Three times a year, on the following dates, neighbouring temples are invited to hold Buddhist services in the main hall.

[20 March Dharma service on the day of the Buddha’s Nirvana.]

1:00 p.m.Toba memorial service (memorial service for the deceased and ancestors through chanting)
1.30pmSakyamuni Nirvana Day (Buddhist memorial service associated with the day on which Sakyamuni died).
in successionShokushukai (memorial service for the ancestors of those who have applied).

[On 20 August, the Bon Festival will be held.]

1:00 p.m.ceremony honouring the spirits of ancestors (esp. the Bon festival)
1.30pmNew Obon memorial service meal (memorial service for those celebrating their first Obon)
in successionManzan Shokubai (final obon memorial service)

[20 October Dharma service for the Dharma of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Jodhprabha.]

ceremony honouring the spirits of ancestors (esp. the Bon festival)
1.30pmSakyamuni Jodo-kai (Buddhist memorial service associated with the day on which Sakyamuni attained enlightenment).
in successionsejikie

 The Buddhist memorial service, which is held three times a year, has been a traditional practice at Tokugenji for more than 100 years and is a rare opportunity for several monks to pay their respects in the main hall. Anyone, not just parishioners, is welcome to pay their respects, so if you wish to pay your respects, please arrive before the start of the service. We look forward to welcoming as many visitors as possible.

Offerings for eternity

‘Long-suffering memorials.’

For permanent memorial services at Tokugenji Temple, names are entered in the permanent memorial book in the main hall, and memorial services are held for many years. As the birthrate declines, the population ages, and the number of nuclear families increases, we receive consultations such as “I don’t have a successor, so I don’t have anyone to memorialize me after I die,” and “My successor is far away, so it’s difficult to have a memorial service like I used to.” I feel that the demand for opportunities to receive memorial services and for permanent memorial services is increasing. Many people apply before they die because they want to feel safe as soon as possible. We will contact you directly regarding the details of the permanent memorial service, so if you are considering applying, please feel free to contact us.