Initiatives at Tokugenji

Initiatives at Tokugenji

Purchasing agent of offerings

“Forming Thoughts of the Deceased”

 However, in cases where it is difficult to prepare offerings due to reasons such as “I am going directly to the temple from a distance and cannot buy them on the way” or “I am too old to carry my own luggage,” we will purchase offerings for the altar or ossuary and make offerings on your behalf. We will purchase offerings for the altar and ossuary on your behalf.  We can also purchase offerings for the ossuary on behalf of you on the anniversary of your death or Obon, and offer them on the date you specify.

Temple Seal Stamps

“For your visit to Tokugenji”

 As a memento of your visit to Tokugenji, if you wish to receive a temple seal stamp, please make a request when you visit. In addition to the temple seal stamp commemorating your visit to the main hall, we also offer temple seal stamps for visits to Ryujindo Hall. Especially noteworthy is the temple seal stamp for Ryujindo Hall, featuring the powerful seals of the Eight Great Dragon Kings. We highly recommend this stamp to those who have viewed the ship votive tablets, a part of Japan’s heritage.

Zazen Meditation

“For Moments of Inner Peace”

 Soto Zen, also known as Zen Buddhism, emphasizes zazen meditation as a means to align the body, breath, and mind, allowing one to experience moments of inner peace. For those interested in zazen meditation, we offer guidance and the opportunity to practice zazen in the spacious and serene main hall. Zazen sessions can be arranged for small groups or corporate organizations upon request.


“New Initiatives”

 You may have the image that temples are special places for parishioners only, but this is by no means the case. We would like to actively engage in new initiatives with many people. We welcome any suggestions for “how can we do something like this at the temple? We would like to engage in various activities together with many people at the temple, so please feel free to contact us.