Historical objects

Historical objects

Historic buildings

 Tokugenji Temple was founded in 1862 in Yoshiwara, Shioya Village, but the current main hall was built in 1897, when it was relocated. The roof of the main hall, which is designed by Jisaburo, is a gabled roof with a kara gable in the center of the front. In 1994, the main hall of Tokugenji Temple was designated as Otaru City’s designated historical building No. 59. The pillars and transoms are made from lumber that was built over 125 years ago, and the main hall was built using good materials donated at the time.

Japanese heritage and Kitamae Ship-related objects.

As one of the cultural assets of Otaru City’s Japanese Heritage Site ‘Kitamae-ship port of call and shipowners’ village – a unique space that spun the dreams of men overcoming rough seas”, three boat ema dedicated by Kitamae-ship owners and sailors to pray for safe voyages are housed in the Ryujindo Hall.
 The komainu (guardian dogs) on either side of the main entrance to Ryujindo and the 33rd Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) on the grounds behind Ryujindo are made of a bluish stone called shakudaniishi (sceptre-shaped stone). The sceptre is a tuff from Mount Asuwayama in Fukui Prefecture and symbolises the culture of the Kitamae-bune, which was brought to various ports of call and shipowning communities by the Kitamae-bune, and is a valuable heritage that conveys the connection with Hokuriku across the sea to the present day.

preserved trees

A total of 6 trees at Tokugenji, 3 black pines and 3 ginkgo trees, have been designated as preserved trees by Otaru City. There are two black pines designated as preserved trees, one on the slope behind Ryujin-do and one next to Jizo-do, and the black pine next to Jizo-do is estimated to be over 250 years old.
There are ginkgo trees designated as preserved trees, one on each side in front of the main hall stairs and one next to the storage room. The two ginkgo trees on the left side in front of the main hall stairs are called “meoto ginkgo” because they are connected in the middle, and are known as a tree that brings good luck.